🏈  TEAMWORK – The game of football is so complex and made up of many positions on both sides of the ball. Incredible teamwork and leadership are required to ensure everyone is working together and playing their individual positions correctly to ensure the team’s success. Youth football teaches kids accountability, responsibility, leadership, and how to work well with others, something they will have to do no matter what path in life they choose.

🏈  DISCIPLINE – Attention to the details of each task takes discipline. Running routes, learning blocking assignments, proper tackling technique and execution all demand close attention to detail, and discipline to carry those details throughout the game. Our coaches here at North Atlanta Giants are great role models, and team leaders and are here to help teach and demonstrate discipline to our players.

🏈  HEALTH BENEFITS – Our program provides mental and physical benefits to our kids through physical activity. Such physical benefits include strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. Some mental benefits include boosting self-esteem, problem-solving, and leadership.